Reservations are highly recommendyed preferably via OpenTable due to our limited seating. Please use the link below.

Even if there is no availability on OpenTable system, we still might be able to accommodate your seating especially with parties of THREE OR MORE. Please email us or call us at (480) 664-0180. 


Reservation Note

Our Chef's Tasting Course Menu starting at $100 per person is available with more than 24 hours advanced reservation only. Please note that reservations for more than $150, request with special or seafood dietary restrictions or more than 5 orders of course menus need at least one week advance.


When making your reservation, please specify your desired price range and any dietary restrictions or food allergies you may have. For first time diners, we recommend $100 or $130 course. If no price choice or restrictions is given to us by the time required (depends on your request), we assume your request of Chef's tasting is $100 per person with no dietary restrictions. (Please see MENU for more information)

For a party of 5 or more of Chef's Course reservation, your reservation is not confirmed until we contact you and 24 hours advanced notice is required for cancellation. Please call us for more information.

For parties of up to four people, please indicate with your reservation if you would like to sit at the Chef's Counter.

OpenTable system assign your reservation randamly at either at Table or Chef's Counter according to the availability of the time you choose. If you have strong preference with seating (Chef's Counter or Table) please specify that on your reservation note. We try to switch your seating to your preference but availability might not allow us to do so. We recommend earlier reservation for seating of your choice.

Although we prefer OpenTable or calls for reservations, when you e-mail your reservation for the next day, please call at (480) 664-0180 and leave the message also. Please call us after 4:30 pm Wednesday to Sunday to contact us in person.

E-mail or phone message reservations are not confirmed until we contact you and 24 hours advance for Chef's Course is applied when we contact you to confirm. We recommend to e-mail us by at least 36 hours before your reservation. If you want to make a reservation for Wednesday on Monday or Tuesday of the same week, please send us an e-mail rather than leaving a phone message.


Gift Certificate

We don't issue Gift Certificate. We recommend to use Gift Card issued by the third party or contact us to arrage for the payment.

Phone: (480) 664-0180