Our Cuisine

ShinBay offers traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine with emphasis on seasonality of food, the highest quality of ingredients and attention to details. We specialize in Omakase style chef’s tasting course dining, providing guests a respite from everyday, with inspired cuisine and hospitality in a tranquil setting. 

Our executive chef Shinji Kurita's modern, meticulously crafted dishes celebrate the freshest seasonal delicacies from the land and sea, as well as the aesthetic appeal and precision of traditional cooking techniques. For your optimum dining experience, we offer Chef’s Tasting Course, which chef Kurita prepares dishes liberally with our today’s best sources for you.

Diners will be transported through a culinary journey of flavor nuances to be enjoyed. The flow is designed so that the diner goes through a journey of peaks and valleys of flavors and textures. The methods of different preparations make up this fine dining journey.

What diners may see during their experience are dishes such as Tsukuri (Seafood Bites), Toubanyaki (Table-top Grill), Yakimono (Grilled feature), Mushimono (Steamed feature), Agemono (Deep fried feature), New-Tokyo style nigiri sushi and many other courses. Our knowledgeable staff will help you navigate your way through this fine Japanese dining experience.

しんべいは海鮮と鮨を主とした おまかせコース料理の店です。お問い合わせはメールで info@shinbay.com までお願いいたします。                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Since the original ShinBay by chef Shinji Kurita was acclaimed with 5-star reviews by major restaurant critics in the valley, the newly opened ShinBay in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2011 also gathered various acclaims not only by local critics but also by national media.

ShinBay was selected as one of twenty semifinalists for 2012 James Beard foundation, Best New Restaurant. The following year in 2013, chef Shinji Kurita was named for one of semifinalists for James Beard, Best Chef Southwest.

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